The Clinic prides itself on providing high quality and efficient service in a timely, effective and consistent manner. Its policies are in place to ensure that it continues to comply with Legal Aid Ontario’s clinic guidelines and best practices. However, if by chance a client has a concern regarding the manner in which their matter was handled, the following procedure is to be led:

  1. Identify the issue with the staff member with whom the matter is in question. If the issue is not resolved, a second step may be taken.
  2. Write a letter, either in English or in French, to the Executive Director outlining the concern(s) and the parties involved as well as a contact telephone number and a return address. This letter must also be dated and signed for it to be acknowledged. It must be received within 60 days of the incident. The Executive Director will speak with the parties in question and will follow up the discussion with a decision letter. If the matter is not resolved, a third step will be considered but not without having first taken steps 1 and 2.
  3. If the Executive Director’s decision is unreasonably unfavourable, the initial letter of complaint together with the decision letter must be forwarded to the Clinic in care of the Board of Directors. The Board will review the concern(s) in a timely manner and will respond with a phone call followed up with their letter of decision and copied to the Executive Director. For this purpose, the Board of Directors’ decision is final.

A third party may make a complaint on behalf of a client or former client who is unable to do so due to age, disability or geographical barriers. A written authorization, signed and dated by the client or former client, must be provided.

A complete copy of the Windsor-Essex Bilingual Legal Clinic’s Complaints Policy may be made available upon request by calling (519) 253-3526.